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Suitable for everyone, not only for developers

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Suitable for everyone, not only for developers
Community Edition of NAE platform is now available on GitHub! Deploy your own NAE environment

Suitable for both less and more experienced developers

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NAE SaaS/PaaS coming later this year!

Suitable for everyone, not only for developers

Enterprise Edition of NAE platform is now available! Contact us and deploy your own supported NAE environment

Suitable for both less and more experienced developers

Learn how to work with the Netgrif Application Platform

Create powerful process-driven event-based applications rapidly and without the need to worry about technological details. We created the technological infrastructure for you, so you don’t have to reinvent the “technological wheel”. Now you can simply focus on business logic.

Draw the workflow process. Create the tasks to interact with the workflow. Add roles and data fields based on your needs. React to events with powerful Actions. The imagination is the only limit. All in your web browser.

Draw the workflow process

Simple and intuitive, so the clients and partners will immediately understand the business logic behind it. They can provide feedback on the drawing board and shape the future app.

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Organize data fields on the screens

Design the look of the tasks with a powerful Netgrif Form Builder. Arrange the data fields, their behaviours and properties.

Role management

Assign permissions to different roles for each task. A powerful role management tool just in a few clicks.

Write your actions

React on events in the workflow process. Data field changes, or task changes. Manipulate data fields and program complex logic clearly and understandably.

Download the example workflow process

Download the workflow process of document handling in XML format in just one click. It is ready to be uploaded into the Netgrif Application Engine.

Playground for your testing. Upload workflow processes created in Netgrif Application Builder. Create instances and test how the solution works.

Simple workflow process management

Upload your workflow processes. From that point, you can create instances of each process.

Powerful technologies out of the box

Customizable columns, advanced search and lightning-fast performance thanks to modern technologies like Spring Boot, Angular, Elasticsearch and MongoDB. Slow is not an option.

Iteration as a key to the successful development

Create a process in Netgrif Application Builder. Test it in Netgrif Demo Application. Invite clients to test the prototypes and provide valuable feedback at the start of the development process. 

Public view

Any part of the process can be made public, so the user does not need to be signed into the application. Interactive web forms or communication with a customer made with ease. 

Try our feedback form example.

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