Case studies​

Development of our products is inspired by real-life business-oriented applications. Here you can find what we have created in past. Netgrif is used in many use cases in various business industries. Get inspired by our case studies!

Netgrif successfully implemented a project for Slovak energy supplier SSE (Stredoslovenská Energetika a.s.). This project is enabling households to conveniently close electricity or gas supply contracts online. The project was put into production in Q2 2023. Netgrif developed for SSE an online system that allows customers to complete all contract-related tasks digitally.

This case study describes our engagement with an independent local insurance company in Slovakia. The focus of the insurance since its inception is on select corporate clients and premium individual customers, offering a wide range of all-risk property insurance policies.

Netgrif’s rapid, process-oriented application development platform allows mobile testing sites to react to very dynamic, unpredictable situations. Opening, closing or relocating testing sites can be done overnight to serve demand from citizens and government regulations. Keeping track of testing results as well as costs and wages is also tracked and reported back to Slovakia’s public health authorities every night. Every help counts when the world fights the pandemic and until the worst is over, Arthur will keep an eye on Covid testing in tens of mobile testing centres across Slovakia.

This system is connected with the eTask system which creates tasks for employees to work with digitized documents. Each paper document is in the first step scanned and with help of OCR necessary data are extracted from it. Scanned document together with extracted data sent for processing to the system. Based on the type of document system decides automatically how to categorize the document and what tasks to generate for users.

Task orchestration across multiple systems can be difficult to implement. In Netgrif Application engine we can deploy processes that operate over whole group of systems and orchestrate task between them to ensure seamless company workflow.

In the Slovak Republic, approximately 4 to 5% of insured people annually apply for a change in the health insurance company. The process of acceptance of such requests is complex and insurance companies have long been dealing with it manually, which has resulted in a high level of error. A comprehensive automation solution was designed in cooperation with the customer to mitigate shortcomings of such processes.
How does a typical survey look like for you? If you guessed that it is a piece of paper or some sort of online sheet, you guessed right. But not for us! We helped our partners create a fully automatic system for survey orchestration with its own evaluation. It is not only practical but also spotless.

AGEL, a leading healthcare provider in Central Europe, is streamlining its diverse application landscape by implementing a centralized platform for non-medical agendas. After encountering issues with a previous vendor, they turned to Netgrif, impressed by their flexibility and commitment to customizing solutions. This consolidation effort is expected to yield significant cost savings and efficiency improvements for AGEL.

Tatra-Leasing, a subsidiary of Tatra Banka, partnered with Netgrif to develop an Integrated Dealer Portal (IDP) after merging with IMPULS-LEASING. The IDP streamlines communication between Tatra, dealers, and importers, enhancing efficiency and data quality while enabling significant cost savings. Netgrif’s understanding of Tatra-Leasing’s business needs, flexibility, and commitment to quality impressed, despite minor setbacks in integration. Tatra-Leasing looks forward to continued collaboration with Netgrif for further enhancements.