COVID-19 Mobile testing sites - Arthur

In February 2021, we were asked to help fighting with the enemy that troubles the world for the last year – with COVID-19. In Slovakia where we implemented a mobile testing sites application called Arthur, the situation was bad already in October 2020, but from January 2021 the situation was horrifying. From that time, each region must follow both national and regional regulations resulting from COVID AUTOMAT.

To leave your house, you need to have a negative COVID-19 test not older than 7/14/21 days in the pocket. There were not enough testing sites and all of them were static (in hospitals or healthcare centres), so the private sector was asked to help and create mobile testing sites. Existing application solutions were not able to provide functionality for this use-case.

From idea to production: 12 days

Testing site and personnel management

Reporting for government authorities

We were asked to create a multi-functional application that should cover: dynamic creation of mobile testing sites, adding teams with multiple roles (administrators, paramedics, etc.), scheduling of testing days and mainly creation of tested people reports. All this in 12 days! Due to our agile approach and rapid-prototyping, a lot more was accomplished.

Functionality of Arthur

The process of the Testing site is the core of the application. Everything else is built around it. Processes as Employees (list of multi-role employees), Providers (private companies providing mobile testing sites) or Income and expenses are used as data filled during the creation/edition of one process instance of the Testing site. Once the Testing site is created, a user that has the role of a responsible employee can create – from the process instance of the Testing site – an instance of process Availability of the testing site. This process is cooperating with each process of the Tested person report. Every time an administrative employee creates a new report, it is joined to a specific day of the testing site. All these data are process instances, this approach helps with the creation of reports.

Reports are a key functionality in Arthur solution. Each tested person’s report has to be sent to the National Center for Health Information as an .xml file. Not only  the number tested people are an important metric that needs to be measured. Reports of hours and days employees and providers were on duty is necessary too. Providers get money for the number of days they provided a testing site and the number of people they have tested. Employees are paid for the number of hours they have worked on a testing site. This type of metric can be easily exported in form of a .pdf or .xlsx file.

Last but not least functionality is the process of Employees availability. They are coming to the testing sites only when they are asked to and when they have time. Due to that, they are filling their availability lists (or their superiors do). When a responsible employee sets Availability of the testing site in the instance of the Testing site, he/she chooses employees for that time and place. The responsible employee sees info about worker’s availability next to each name in multichoice.


Netgrif’s rapid, process-oriented application development platform allows mobile testing sites to react to very dynamic, unpredictable situations. Opening, closing or relocating testing sites can be done overnight to serve demand from citizens and government regulations. Application is keeping track of testing results as well as costs and wages. Testing results are reported back to Slovakia’s public health authorities every night. Every help counts when the world fights the pandemic and until the worst is over, Arthur will keep an eye on Covid testing in tens of mobile testing centres across Slovakia.